About Us


Our investment criteria are time-tested.

35+ years in the industry have taught us there are no substitutes for extensive fundamental research and due diligence.  Our criteria have stood the test of time: we have weathered diverse market climates while maintaining our investment disciplines.

In a world of generalists, we specialize in small cap companies.

It has enabled us to find opportunities that others may have missed.  Our focus is on discovering small capitalization growth companies with the potential to become industry or market leaders before there is interest from large institutions.


Our extensive due diligence gives us an information edge.

The investment team travels extensively to meet managements, visit facilities, and attend trade shows and conferences.  Through our fundamental investment analysis, we identify companies with strong management, competitive market position, a sound growth strategy, and the potential to grow at 20% in shareholder value over the short and long term.

Our investment process is driven by original, proprietary research.

We do not rely on research from Wall Street firms.  After extensive due diligence, we generate our own internal models for prospective investments.  This enables Ashford Capital Management to build unique portfolios for our clients.